quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2016

Mr Marius Youbi who broke the law in Denmark should be ashamed

Mr Marius Youbi:

You should be ashamed of yourself - you broke the law in Denmark and expect to go unpunished? There are things I don't agree with the Danish government but your expulsion is not one of them. Could you imagine how the world would look like if people due to lack of money would be allowed to break the law? Besides that, you could someday be a leader in Africa and what a pity it would be to have one more among many others breaking laws?

Africa needs good role models and not people above the law. The continent is already full of jackasses breaking laws to stay in power, protect and enrich themselves - that is why Chinese freely are messing up the continent as well...

Those who signed a petition for you should also be ashamed of themselves. Aren't they the same people who criticises African leaders for breaking or abusing laws? But here they go - trying to protect you for breaking the law...
In several western newspapers your case got some attention but, in my opinion, not because they found you interesting rather because they use your case to attack the Danish governments policies against immigrants. There are plenty of foreign students with top grades and miserable economy struggling with fees - why aren't they in the news?
Med venlig hilsen,

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