quinta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2017

Tribalism in Swedish immigration policy

Why are the so called "children" from Afghanistan, that in my opinion are young and adults Afghans, getting all this attention in Sweden right now? Are they the only ones in the World in need of help?  

We have South Sudan conflict, children in Yemen dying of starvation, Christians in Syria persecuted by ISIS etc. But how many socialists or greens idealists mention them in the parliament? 

If every immigrant got to stay just because of poverty Angola and Mozambique should for instance also be included!

A few days ago the socialists and the greens decided that a group of  young Afghans that before should return homewould now be allowed to stay.

But were is the justice in this decision - the Afghans are staying, while the Moroccans ones are deported? 
Why aren't so called "activists" and "idealists" from social democratic and the green parties beside them? Do their "justice" music only applies to some when it suits their agenda? 

Should the Moroccan youth or any other groups from now on also go to the street to demand the right to stay in Sweden?

Do Swedish Politicians, journalists and activists helping young Afghans to stay know how much hell our relatives, friends and students applying for VISAS at Swedish embassies in Africa or in other part of the World go through? Paper after paper, you name it. In the end you don't even know if you are going to get your residence permit or student visa.

When you choose or favour one group over the other it is called tribalism - not justice!

Attention, TRIBALISM!


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